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Wiki WOOF- is all about the meanings and methods of the WooFDriver's vocabulary! The names and acronyms he uses on a daily basis to refer to and describe everything he does with, for, and about Dogs. From health and care to interactive sports, training, meditation, travel, and advocacy including philanthropic ideas and ways. I think it's true as they say you've never seen or heard anything like this before!

Some of these concepts, methods and creations are so unusual and specialized that there are no words to describe them. WooFDriver has been involved with Dogs for over 20 years and in his quest to include them in almost every aspect of his life and experiences as he challenges himself to make almost everything he does Dog Centric. These include transportation as he has created and customized vehicles and amenities to cater and comfort to the Dogs needs for all life's stages.

Another main focus of his is sports and interactive exercise activities to give the Dogs familiar engagement and interest while being involved in the activity himself and therefore work as a team to enhance the bond and enjoy the pleasure he gets from watching their excitement and happiness as the Dogs gain health and stimulation. WooFDriver specializes in northern breed Dogs especially the Husky but almost every Dog regardless of breed and age can get involved on most everything he does. In fact that again is his passion to find true happiness for all Dogs not just breed to breed but even as specific from personality to personality of each Dog! That is WooFDriving in essence, the action in which he is in a constant pursuit to find the proper fulfillment for a Dog by involving their natural instincts. To give them opportunities to engage and act on them in a controlled manor-- Building trust, understanding, respect, and happiness between mankind and canine. This is the premise and reason for everything WooFDriver does and the foundation for his iDoGeTame training system.

Please browse these words and their meanings which can shed some light behind the method to the WooFDriver's Dog practices and inspire you to take something to your Best Friend to help further your bond and the health, happiness, and lives you all share together! Below are links to all of the WooFDriver Family Websites.

WooFDriver-150PX.png WooFDriverProject-150PXT.png HowToWooFDrive-150PXT.png WooFTek-150PX.png AllDogZen-150PX.pngWooFTunes-150PXT.pngI-Love-WooFPAK-150PXT.pngSnoWOOFS-150PX.png WackyWOOF-150PX.png HowDogsRide-150PX.png WolFStoria-150PX.png WFAD-150PX.png Wolforia-150PX.png 2HuskyExpert-150PX.png Captain-Bill.png WooFSphere-150PX.jpg WooFDriver-Inspired-223PX.jpg DogGeo-150PX.png Royal-WereWOOFS-175PX.png Max-Husky-200PX.jpg IDOGetTAME-154X-Border2.png RUFF-HOUR-Square-150PX.jpg AIRWOOF-Animation-175PX.gif WikiWOOF-150PX.png AllDOGMovies-150PX.png PAWetry-Logo-175PX.png AllDog-150PX.jpg Fish-In-Aquariumlogowith-WOOF-150PX-.jpg AllDog-Network-Logo-150PX.png Dog-Care-Video-150PX.png PetTrending-150PX.png Shibu-Logo-150PX-Wiki.png ChineseCrested-Logo-150PX-Wiki.png Husky-Logo-150PX-Wiki.png Pomsky-150PX.png 2ALL-DOG-TV-960PX.jpg ALL-DOG-Radio-200PX.jpg PET-Museum-Logo-WikiWooF.jpg