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Hi, I am Bill Helman, a 20 year+ student of the Martial Arts. My experience is focused mostly in Taekwondo and Gumdo (A Korean Sword Art)!! I am so very fortunate to train under a Grandmaster and have learned so much about Traditional Training and this incredible culture!! My life has has become so much apart of The Martial Arts as you will hear in my music this relentless passion. I am inspired and excited by creativity. I have designed some really unique and creative training systems that have been so important to my training. My music is all about my learning's and understanding through my incredible life in the Martial Arts!! You don't have to have any Martial Arts experience to relate to my music!! This music includes training ideas to inspire, encourage, and teach through the lyrics and excitement!! You will hear some Korean terms in my music as well as my definitions, descriptions, and training tips that I have compiled over the years!! For those who don't know about me I also am passionate and live along side Canines (a WooFPAK)!! Dogs are my Best Friends!! Many Martial Arts techniques and Philosophies were and are inspired from animals. We as humans can learn so much through interaction and observance of the wonderful animal kingdom!! My second identity is known from this as The WooFDriver, because I drive and run my dogs on different sled like vehicles!! I have formed the WooFPlay Band to musically transform my dog lifestyle and Martial Arts lifestyle into incredible musically enhanced stories!! I hope you enjoy this listening experience as much as I have enjoyed compiling it!!

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